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An Intrauterine device (IUD) is a little plastic device, as a rule, T-molded that is embedded into the endometrial hole to forestall pregnancy. Baby blues period is one of the significant and pivotal occasions when ladies and couples are profoundly energetic and increasingly open to family arranging techniques. Family arranging has expansive advantages for ladies and their families. The main goal of the examination is to evaluate the adequacy of video helped instructing program on information regarding postpartum intrauterine devices among antenatal moms . One gathering pretest and posttest configuration was utilized for this examination. The free factor in this examination is video assisting showing program on baby blues intrauterine devices. The needy factors in this examination are information. The investigation was directed at Thiruvalur Districts Head Quarters Gover ment Hospital. The sample includes antenatal moms who satisfy the consideration measures were chosen by non likelihood convenient examining strategy. Examination of pretest mean score of information was 5.0 with standard deviation 2.04 what's more, the post test mean score of information was 10.62 with standard deviation 2.66. The determined paired' test estimation of t = 14.221 was seen as factually exceptionally critical at p<0.001 level. The analysis reveals that video assisting teaching programme was helpful to improve the knowledge regarding postpartum intrauterine devices among antenatal moms. 


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Angelin Lavanya S, & Lavanya T. (2020). Adequacy of Video Assessting Educating Pogramme on Information With Respect To Baby Blues intrauterine Devices Among Antenatal Moms. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(SPL4), 8-11.