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A pulpectomy is the treatment of choice for pulpally involved primary teeth. Pulp therapy prevents the premature loss of primary teeth which could result in loss of arch length, an altered pathway of the eruption of primary teeth, development of aberrant habits. It also restores the dentition to a functional state. Endoflas is a newer obturation material which has a proven clinical success rate. There are various obturation techniques available in the literature. The systematic review aimed to extract and systematically identify the existing literature, which compares different obturation techniques used in the root canal treatment of primary teeth using endoflas as obturation material. The search was done using the MeSH terms and keyword search in the electronic databases, including PubMed, Cochrane, LILAC, Sigle, Science Direct and Google scholar. A total of 13 articles were chosen after the initial screening of the title. Then based on the inclusion and exclusion criteria and the availability of the full texts, a total of 3 articles were included.  This systematic review concludes that there is a need to update the existing literature to find out the beat ideal obturation technique which can provide void-free and ideal obturation of the root canal of the primary teeth using Endoflas.


Obturation Techniques Primary teeth Endoflas Systematic review

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Ahsana Asif, & Subramanian E M G. (2020). Obturation Techniques in Primary Teeth using Endoflas as Obturation Material – A Systematic Review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6727-6734.