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Aim of this study is to design and optimise carvedilol loaded microemulsion. Carvedilol microemulsion is prepared and optimised by Phase titration technique. The selections of material attributes for the formulation of microemulsion are chosen by building a pseudo ternary phase diagram with various concentration oils and surfactant. Optimisation of Carvedilol microemulsion formulation technique was carried out by Central composite Design with two centre points by using selected critical material attributes like the different concentration of oils, surfactants and evaluated for its effect on Critical quality attributes like PS nm, ZP mV, EE %, PI, RI,% Drug Content and Self emulsification time (sec). From this optimisation study data, selected Carvedilol Microemulsion is subjected to measure for its in vitro drug release studies. CM9 formulation showed promising result in particle size, poly dispersibility index, entrapment efficiency and drug release studies. All the above data, it has been accomplished that CM9 was selected as an optimised Carvedilol microemulsion formulation. 


Carvedilol Microemulsion Particle size Zeta potential Invitro drug release

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Anand S, & Kumar K R. (2020). Design, Development and Optimisation of Carvedilol Microemulsion by Pseudoternary Phase diagram and Central Composite design. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6619-6632.