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Living with cancer can have adverse effects on the self. Various factors affect the person self in daily life. It is well documented that encouragement can provide hope and engagement for a person with cancer to engage in his activities of daily living. The support of family and friends helps the persons to lead his life along with the illness. Cancer rehabilitation is a rapidly evolving field all over the world, in large part because of increases in the number of cancer survivors. Everybody wishes to restore the function as resume their lives as usual. Few argue with the rehabilitation experts that treatment options differ from country to country, and does it affect the survival rate? Little research is done to explore how the self of the person suffering in advanced stages of cancer, and we aim to evaluate how people with cancer experience their sense of self. Thirty interviews were conducted with ten patients with advanced cancer, and grounded theory approach was used for statistical evaluation of data. Accepting self and reassessing self was the result of engaging the person in a specific occupation, which is considered to have a core in rehabilitating the person with advanced cancer. Engagement towards occupation influence the self of a person with advanced cancer.


Daily Living Skills ADL Cancer Life-Threatening Illness

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Ganapathy Sankar U, & Monisha R. (2020). Evaluation of self abilities among people with advanced cancer. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6564-6566.