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Rehabilitating the children and moving them away from impairment and focusing them towards changing body’s function and structuring the body will change the disablement and enhance the quality of life. Life’s quality is not a single component to attain and aim for, it is a multidimensional measure which aims to capture the subjective perception of well being for the child. The current study examines child and parents perspectives of life quality in children with and without developmental coordination disorder. Data was collected using KIDSCREEN-27. For child with DCD in group A total of 10 children and 10 parents were included and in control group in Group B, a total of 12 children and 10 parents were examined. Life quality dimensions were examined in 5 domains and children with DCD lies in a average range on all life quality domains and dimensions examined. On comparing parents and children with DCD, Children had higher score in physical impairment domain and parents considered that environmental steerers and personal habits negatively impact the child’s life quality. Children with DCD had poor life quality when compared with Peer group children.


DCD Life quality Physical impairment Domains KIDSCREEN-27

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Ganapathy Sankar U, & Monisha R. (2020). Evaluation of Perspectives of Life Quality of Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder Compared with Typically Developing Peers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6495-6499.