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An ulcer is a common, chronic problem whose incidence is attributed to several factors like stress, food, pathogens and use of drugs which irritate the gastrointestinal tract. The most modest approach in the treatment of ulcer is the inhibition of H+K+ATPase, the proton pump which functions in the secretion of acid in the gastric cells. The synthetic proton pump inhibitors prescribed to control acid secretion have side-effects affecting the bones and other internal organs. Hence, safe, natural anti-ulcer agents are being researched and identified. The present study investigated the proton pump inhibitory potential of the different concentrations of extracts of the leaves of Madhuca longifolia. The extracts exhibited its maximum activity at 80 mg and the potential of the hydroalcoholic extract was comparable to that of the standard drug omeprazole. The acid neutralizing capacity of the extracts was also studied and the capacity was equal to that of the commonly used over-the-counter drug Digene. The results of this study proved that the hydroalcoholic extract of the leaves of M. longifolia could be a promising gastro-protective agent.


Acid neutralizing capacity Hydroalcoholic extract Madhuca longifolia Proton pump inhibition

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