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Developmental coordination disorder is gaining increased recognition among the researchers. Despite a high prevalence rate, the uncoordinated movements and performance difficulties in daily life activities in children with Developmental Coordination Disorder were gained increased recognition. Caregivers and parents were not aware of any such intervention and waste a lot of time and money over therapist and therapy, which are not appropriate for their children with DCD. NTT- Neuro-motor Task Training relies on motor control and motor learning. Treatment of each child with DCD requires a unique holistic approach, to examine the effects of NTT among Indian children with DCD, this pilot study was conducted in 10 children with developmental coordination disorder. Movement assessment battery for children was used to assess the gross and fine motor difficulties among children with DCD. NTT intervention was delivered for ten sessions. The total duration of the intervention is 30 minutes. Positive effects of NTT were reported in every child in the intervention group. Their performance enhanced in gross motor and fine motor task. MABC and TGMD-2 results were improvements following the intervention, and the present findings indicate that therapists can take children's behaviour into account to conclude the positive treatment effects of NTT.



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Ganapathy Sankar U, & Monisha R. (2020). Effects of Neuromotor Task Training (NTT) - A new approach for children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) in Indian context. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6459-6462.