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Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) is characterized by marked impairment in the acquisition of motor skill. The poor performance of movement skills marks developmental coordination disorder (DCD), and this defect affects the child's activities of daily living in innumerous ways. The ability of the child in the execution of the motor task is substantially below that expected for a child's chronological age and intelligence. DCD affects the child's ability in performing both gross and fine motor skills. Performing the Variety of motor tasks is impaired, and the child is isolated socially and emotionally. These children experience frequent academic failure because of their poor handwriting skill. Despite having IQ more significant than 70, these children experience academic failure. As because of their motor coordination difficulty, these children avoid peer group interaction. They were termed as clumsy and awkward, by their teachers and often by their peer group. Thus they were avoided by their peer group children. This recurrent isolation becomes permanent for children with DCD, and they tend to isolate themselves from everybody. As they become isolated, these children are more prone to psychological distress. As because of poor social interaction and participation in green land play along with peer group children, they were at high risk for obesity and other related disorders. Awareness of the importance of participation in a physical activity needs to be delivered for all the parents of children with and without DCD. Benefits of green land play need to be understood by the parents for further facilitation of children's engagement in physical activity sessions.


Physical Activity Green Land Play Parents Caregivers Obesity

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Ganapathy Sankar U, & Monisha R. (2020). High Risk for Obesity in Children With Developmental Coordination Disorder. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6436-6439.

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