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Developmental coordination disorder (DCD) is identified as a heterogeneous disorder of motor learning and functioning. Children with DCD avoid physical activities in school as because of low self-esteem; they perceive themselves less capable and avoids peer group interactions at school. They tend to isolate themselves from an academic task as well as from physical activity sessions. Neuromotor task training and WII training are task-based interventions designed to enhance motor performance among children with developmental coordination disorder. Aim of the study is to compare the effectiveness of two task-oriented interventions like NTT and WII on motor performance, isometric strength, the aerobic and anaerobic capacity of children with DCD attending primary schools in and around Chennai. Children of age 5-10 years were included and randomly assigned into two groups, Group A and B. Developmental coordination disorder questionnaire- DCDQ was used to screen children with DCD at the baseline. Dynamometer, functional strength assessment, sprint test and 6MWT – 6-minute walk test was used to assess the performance of children with DCD at baseline and after intervention with NTT and WII. Results of the study proved that no significant improvement was reported in both the groups for isometric strength development. However, the Motor performance was enhanced in group A treated with NTT. Wii training showed improvement in anaerobic performance. The study concludes by adding knowledge that both the interventions were safe to execute for children with developmental coordination disorder.


NTT WII DCD Primary School Children Six Minute Walk Test

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Ganapathy Sankar U, & Monisha R. (2020). Effectiveness Of Two Task-Oriented Interventions Over Cardiorespiratory Fitness And Motor Performance In Children With Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) - A Pilot Study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6399-6403.

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