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Autism is a developmental disability, with symptoms first observed during infancy. It is characterized by variants in communication abilities, personality, cognitive abilities and social skills. Typical behaviour in youngsters relies upon kid's age character and physical and enthusiastic turn of events. A kid's conduct is said to be average at his 7th year of age when he develops a concept of himself, begins to understand, gains respect for others, and develops a sense of responsibility. Children with autism tend to have poor social and emotional relationships with peers and are highly sensitive and perform ritualistic behaviours. As a primary responsibility and also an essential thing for the mothers/ caregivers is to understand their children's behaviours than mothers of typically developing children. Accurate knowledge of autism may aid parents in relating to their children's problematic behaviours. Accepting autism may promote feelings of parenting success. The present study aims to assess the knowledge on home care management of autistic children among caregivers. A quantitative non-experimental descriptive research design was conducted among 50 caregivers of autistic children. Non-probability convenient sampling technique was used to select samples. A self-structured questionnaire was used to collect demographic data, and their knowledge was assessed. The study results show most of the caregivers had moderately adequate knowledge regarding home care management of their autistic children and this emphasizes the need to educate them in understanding their children behaviour and their needs and improve the quality of life of their autistic children.


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Alfred Solomon, & Nasrin S. (2020). Assess the knowledge on home care management of autistic children among caregivers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6395-6398.