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Osteoporosis (OP) is an ongoing dynamic malady. It is characterized as a foundational skeletal illness described by blow bone thickness and small scale design crumbling of the bone tissue with a subsequent increment in a bone delicacy that incredibly increments the danger of breakage. It is a significant general medical issue. It is assessed that influence 200 million ladies Worldwide and cause more than 8.9 million breaks every year. In 2019 Around the world, it is assessed that 1 out of 3 ladies over the age of 50 will encounter osteoporotic breaks, just as 1 of every 5 men. Of total Women, 44.3% were postmenopausal (natural menopause) with 49.2+ 3.5 years as mean age at menopause. The study aims to decide the adequacy of pre-test and Post-test information about osteoporosis among postmenopausal ladies. A pre-test one gathering pre-test post-test structure with advantageous inspecting method was embraced to direct an examination among 50 postmenopausal ladies. Information was assembled by utilizing organized poll. Confidentiality was maintained throughout the procedure. Detailed and inferential insights examined the information. Among 50 postmenopausal women shows that the levels of knowledge regarding prevention of osteoporosis in the pre-test (42%) have inadequate knowledge, (30%) have moderate knowledge and (28%) have adequate knowledge. Whereas in post-test (36%) had moderate information, and (64%) had sufficient information. The examination shows that there is no vast relationship between the degree of information in regards to the anticipation of osteoporosis with segment factors like age, religion, instructive status, salary, occupation and dietary example. The discoveries of the examination uncovered that organized instructing program on prevention of osteoporosis helped to improve the level of knowledge among postmenopausal women.


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Meena P, & Marieswari B. (2020). Assess The Effectiveness of Knowledge on Prevention of Osteoporosis Among Post- Menopausal Women. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6379-6384.