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There is a sharp increase in the prevalence of diabetes and their complications across the globe. Madhumeha-janya vrana (Diabetic wound) has been a burden to society from ancient times. Diabetic Foot ulcers can deteriorate the complete health if left untreated. People who have madhumeha (diabetes) and develop an ulcer over the foot will end up having a lower limb amputation. These facts instigate researchers to develop new, cost-effective wound treatment for diabetic patients without side effects. This work aims to anticipate the clinical efficacy of Ingudi seed oil in madhumeha-janya Vrana (Diabetic wound) of Fifty-seven years old patient has developed a diabetic wound over the plantar aspect of the left foot. This oil treatment demonstrated compelling, and the injury mended totally inside 45 days. In any case, further assessment is needed to be finished by taking an enormous sample size to demonstrate its essentialness in treating Diabetic foot ulcer and evading lower appendage removal. The Ingudi seed oil has quick healing properties against diabetic wounds. The Ingudi seed oil is natural, safe and inexpensive for human chronic wound repair.


Balanites aegyptiaca Ingudi Madhumeha Vrana Wound

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Sanjeev Kumar, Satyanam Kumar Bhartiya, & Kamal Nayan Dwivedi. (2020). Treatment of Madhumehajanya Vrana (Diabetic Wound) of 57 Years Old Male Patient Based on Local Application of Ingudi (Balanites Aegyptiaca Linn. Delile) Seed Oil: A Case Study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6332-6335.