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Nanotechnology is a very modern technology, which is used by other technologies, which use nanomaterial in sizes ranging from 1-100 nm. Shown positive effects in broad areas of science such as medicine, engineering, agriculture and food. Nanoparticles have unique properties, which are incorporated into antimicrobial agents, electronic components, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and other fields. Also, the small size of nanoparticles improved their chemical properties. Nanotechnology technology plays an important role in increasing production and improving the quality of food produced by farmers. Many believe that this new technology will serve to secure the world's growing food needs. Nanotechnology has proven its place in agricultural sciences and related industries as a multidisciplinary and problem-solving technique. Nanotechnology is a promising method in the control of various plant diseases. The nanomaterial is have been used as biomarkers to detect pathogens, fungus, bacteria and parasites, as well as to benefit from nanotechnology in improving the properties and properties of many biocontrol agents such as fungal and bacterial preparations and their secondary insect pathogens As well as preparations used to combat various plant pathogens.


Nanotechnology Biodegradable Nano-pesticides Micelles Biomarkers

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