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Obesity is a very common condition we can see in most of the people living in developing countries. Most obese cases are due to their lifestyle only. Obesity will affect other metabolisms and causes metabolic disorders like diabetes, renal damage and cardiovascular problems. 30 obese patients and 30 healthy individuals from the OP of Saveetha Dental College. Serum samples were estimated the FBS by GOD-POD Method, CRP by Turbilatex Method using ERBA CHEM 5 plus analyzer. Insulin level by ELISA method using ROBONIK ELISA READER. There is a remarkable increase in FBS (p<0.005), Insulin (p<0.005), Insulin resistance (p<0.005) and highly remarkable increase in C reactive protein (p<0.001) in obese people compared to controls. Our results show that the increase in insulin resistance, insulin, sugar and inflammation states there is a potential risk of diabetes, renal damage and other metabolic abnormalities due to the obese condition.


Obesity Insulin Insulin resistance Inflammation CRP

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Haripriya R, Ashok Vardhan N, & Savitha G. (2018). Association Between Insulin Resistance and Inflammation in Obese Indi-viduals. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(3). Retrieved from

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