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The current cross-sectional survey of six months duration was performed to assess pharmacy student's attitude towards academic research in self-financing private pharmacy institutions in south India. The study included students of both genders of all pharmacy who showed their willingness by administering a standard validated questionnaire with a total of sixteen inventories. In our review of four hundred and thirty student responses, female (55.35%) students were female, and 90.93% student participants belong to the age group of 20-25 years. More than half of the students (53.49%) agreed. Research participation is a vital parameter in employment, research and pharmaceutical education. More than fifty per cent our study participants recommend proper financial and resource funding and timelines are the significant limitations in performing research activities. In our study, 62.32% of respondents recommended a fortified research establishment for academicians which could improve and integrate a sustained development in teaching-learning and practice of scientific research in graduating students for their education and career. conclusion, the perspective of pharmacy students towards research investigated in our study was found satisfactory; and recommended a significant focus on financial grant or support, fortified research environment, and dedicated research curriculum for the sustainable development of academic research.


Academic research attitude cross sectional survey pharmacy students

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Abdulkadir Abdu, Mohanraj Rathinavelu, Gamma Birir Mohamed Musa, & Adam Abubaker Mohamed. (2020). Pharmacy students attitude towards academic research in south India. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6238-6243.