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This in vitro study focuses on the green synthesis of selenium nanoparticles using Capparis decidua and its anti-inflammatory activity. Nanotechnology is the speciality associated with Material science and biology, rather than a particular field. It involves the formulation of particles at nanoscale known as Nanoparticles, where they have control over bulk macroscopic properties of the same material. Selenium, being a 'Drug nanocarrier', possesses strong antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-cancer as well as anti-inflammatory properties. As the medicinal plant Capparis decidua possesses a lot of phytochemicals, this study combined it to synthesise selenium nanoparticles, and anti-inflammatory properties were analysed. Synthesis of Selenium nanoparticles using Capparis decidua extract, collection of NPs using centrifugation, analysis of anti-inflammatory using UV spectroscopy and inhibition of Bovine serum albumin denaturation assay were performed. Biosynthesised selenium nanoparticles using Capparis decidua exhibit effective anti-inflammatory properties and act as an alternative candidate for steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. On account of performing the Green synthesis of selenium nanoparticles along with the combination of Capparis decidua, it is evident that Capparis decidua possesses effective anti-inflammatory with increasing concentrations up to 5muL. In future, we can encounter further efficacy by raising the concentrations by adding new formulations other than Capparis decidua


Anti-inflammatory activity Capparis decidua Green synthesis Selenium nanoparticles

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Janani K, Preetha S, Jeevitha, & Rajeshkumar S. (2020). Green synthesis of Selenium nanoparticles using Capparis decidua and its anti-inflammatory activity. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6211-6215.