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Mathan Thylam is a medicated oil which is widely used as a topical medicine. In native of Siddha system, this oil is prescribed to heal all types of ulcers and wounds. It is very effective in curing severe carbuncle ulcer of diabetes, diabetic foot ulcers. The oil has a wide variety of other therapeutic topical applications such as eczema, bedsores itches, weeping eczema, wounds, folliculitis, anal fistula, ear infections, per anal abscess, alopecia, non-healing of cut and burns wounds. The vital compositions of the mathan thylam are constituted with thurusu (copper sulphate), datura leaf and coconut oil. These active ingredients, present in mathan thylam acts to play a major role in healing ulcers. In this study, we aimed to prove the analgesic effect of mathan thylam. As a result of the presence of datura leaf, mathan thylam can be used as an unsurpassed analgesic than any other medicated oils. This oil is used to reduce pain as well as inflammation. The Phytochemical and GCMS analysis of a hydroalcoholic extract of the mathan thylam revealed the presence of coumarin, steroid, alkaloid, saponin, furan, quinine and triterpenoid. This comprehensive review includes information on botany, phytochemistry, pharmacology and ethnomedical uses of datura, which is the key ingredient in mathan thylam to be used as a topical analgesic.


Mathan Thylam Datura Analgesic Topical medicine Scopolamine

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Kanimozhi S, Ponmalar E, Bupesh G, Mathiyazhagan M, Vasanth S, & Sahoo U. K. (2020). Analgesic effects of Mathan Thylam- A pharmacognostic review. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6203-6205.