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Quality Indicators in pharmacy is essential to address the Prescription errors and other quality-related problems in the pharmacy. Quality indicators can be used, adopted in every aspect and even to the staff. An average of 5000 Prescriptions was analysed for four months in a tertiary care teaching hospital at Kozhikode. Total of 64 staff was chosen for the study which comprised of pharmacists, patients and other staff members. The analysis carried out on the dispensing errors and also the wastage of drugs happening in the pharmacy. There were significant dispensing errors and wastage of drugs happening in the pharmacy which can not only affect the patients but also could bring the financial loss for the pharmacies due to wastage of drugs. The study recommends for the enhancement in the quality of pharmacies as these quality indicators are required for the better public health care and also to avoid the wastage of the drugs causing financial loss to the Pharmacies


Quality Indicators Prescription dispensing errors wastage of drugs patients Pharmacy

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Sujay Mugaloremutt Jayadeva, Harshith N, & Nashid K P. (2020). Study on Quality Indicators of Pharmacy in a tertiary Care teaching hospital, Kozhikode. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6056-6059.

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