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Many prescriptions are available for the therapy of the overactive bladder, yet assessing and choosing the correct medication is essential. The study was carried to examine whether Mirabegron could be the drug that can be used effectively in treating overactive bladder. To assess the effectiveness of Mirabegron, the field survey for this project was conducted through a structured questionnaire form the doctors in Bengaluru for about two months with the Support of Micro Labs Pvt. Ltd by involving 44 leading Doctors in the City from February- March 2020. The Survey population was chosen based on convenient random sampling. The analysis was done based on the occurrence of overactive bladder observed in their clinical practice every month, the age group, and the gender, who are being affected. It evaluated Mirabegron as a treatment option for incontinence episode and micturition frequency. Results showed noteworthy improvement in the quantity of incontinence episode and the quantity of micturition recurrence by utilising Mirabegron. The study outcomes indicated that Mirabegron promising effect in the management of overactive bladder.


Overactive bladder Mirabegron Incontinence episode Micturition frequency Management Clinical Practice

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Harshith N, Daniel Joseph, Kanakavalli K. Kundury, & Sujay Mugaloremutt Jayadeva. (2020). Mirabegron a novel approach in the management of overactive bladder. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6047-6050.