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Lip provides an attractive and pleasing appearance to the face. Lip anomaly is by the presence of excess fold or redundant or tissue on side of the lip which is referred as double lip. It can be either congenital or acquired and unilateral or bilateral. Such rare entity can affect either upper lip or lower lip or both as seen in syndrome which can be easily diagnosed clinically and rarely reports were published on congenital double lip. During growth and development, the upper lip possesses an outer cutaneous zone often referred as pars and an inner zone which is known as pars which are the two transverse zones. The non-inflammatory labial mucous gland of the pars and unreasonable abundant tissue results in double lip. Treatment should be carried out by an excision of the and sub tissue, without involvement of the underlying muscle This article is a report of a 10 years old boy with this deformity who presented with the complaint of huge lips causing unaesthetic appearance of face and was surgically managed improving the appearance of the face aesthetically acceptable which in turn improves the confidence level of an individual.


double lip developmental anomaly surgery Ascher’s syndrome

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Janani Kandamani, Sudarssan Subramaniam Gouthaman, Divya Sanjeevi Ramakrishnan, & Santhosh Kumar M. P. (2020). Surgical Correction of Congenital Double Lip - A Case Report. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 6004-6007.