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Ultrasound as an alternative model for mass prophylaxis to check outbreaks in epidemics is being proposed in this paper. The outbreak of communicable diseases and mass gathering are certainly related through the obvious risk of transmission of infectious agents. Either as the source or being susceptible, the gathering makes the disease spread rapidly challenging the medical community. To combat the steady rise in the incidence of disease, appropriate control measures need to be adopted. An alternative drug delivery model utilizing the potential of ultrasound through percussion – as medicated drumming is hence presented here taking the reference from Indian traditional system of medicine. In this model the herbal or herbo-mineral drugs applied over drum surface followed by drumming releases biochemicals of high bioavailability. Studies have shown the simultaneous production of ultrasound with audible frequency while playing musical instruments and the high affinity of herbal and herbo-mineral drugs towards it. The particle reduction technology through Bhasmikarana (producing herbo-mineral-metallic compounds in nano dimensions) and Bhavana (liquid-assisted trituration of drug powders) incorporates nanotechnology for better stability, bioavailability and targeted delivery. Sonication as such enables production of herbal drugs in sub-micron and nano-sized dimensions. Hence, this novel approach of medicated drumming integrating nanotechnology along with ultrasonic sound (corresponding to the nanotechnology coupled sonodynamic therapy with improved pharmacokinetics) could function as an efficient drug delivery strategy to check outbreaks.


Ayurveda Mass drug administration Medicated drumming Nanotechnology Ultrasound

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Aparna Mohan, Arathy Menon, James Chacko, & Preethi Mohan. (2020). A new drug delivery strategy targeting mass population in combating epidemic crisis. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5994-5996.