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Oral mucosa considered as one of defensive mechanism of oral cavity, it is important in oral functions as eating, swallowing and even talking. Any wound or discontinuity effects on these functions so speeding the healing process with less inflammatory reactions is crucial, many herbs were used at different eras to reach this goal one of these herbs is Acacia plant. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of acacia oral gel extract on the wound healing. In materials and method This study include (twenty-one) male rabbits, (seven) for each group used for this study, two incisions of one centimeter length were made on buccal oral mucosa bilaterally one is treated by acacia oral gel while other left for normal healing, the follow up of the wound at twenty-four hours, three days and seven days clinically and histopathological examination were done. In result of this study, The study shows decrease in inflammatory reaction after seventy-two hours of the wound and increase in re-epithelialization rate in wound healing of acacia nilotica gel group, So it is concluded from this study that the acacia plant gel extract has anti-inflammatory effect and accelerate the wound healing of oral mucosa in rabbits.


Acacia Arabica Acacia Efficacy Oral Gel Wound Healing

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Sara Taha Ismail, Eman Abdullah Sulaiman, & Noor A. Sulaiman. (2020). The effectiveness of Acacia oral gel on wound healing in rabbits clinically and histopathologically. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5971-5979.