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Kamala is a Vikar of the pittapradoshja. The symptoms are analogous to those of jaundice. Hepatocellular jaundice is an infectious condition which affects the liver.Due to lifestyle modification, society can't follow these concepts about ‘Aahar’&Vihar’(Diet and behavioural regime)(e.g. fast food, Chinese style food, late-night sleep and day sleep. So now the maximum people in a day are going to suffer from GIT problem. Pittakar-ahar likes Vada-Pav, highly spiced food and propensity to consume alcohol is also rising gradually. Ayurveda has historically been highly proficient and has been treating liver disorders for centuries, and the drug toxicity tends to be lower than conventional medicine. Therefore the case study, like NityaVirechana, is based on Ayurvedic Medicine and Purification Therapy (Panchakarma Procedure). Acharya Charak stated the Classical Virechana is management, but the patient was lean, and his strength was not as much of, so incapable of performing classical virechan. His body structure and his strength and working pattern kept in mind, we planned Nityavirechan (daily purgation) and got a very good outcome and also saved his time for hospitalisation.


Nitya virechan Kamala Hepatocellular Jaundice Panchakarma Pittakarahar yakrit plihari lauha

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Shweta Dadarao Parwe, & Milind Abhimanyu Nisargandha. (2020). Clinical evaluation of Nitya Virechana in Hepato cellular Jaundice – A Case Study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5902-5906.