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The site-specific action of the drug has been seen from the last eras of the revolution in drug delivery technologies. Drug delivery opportunities by the use of biomimetic nanoparticles like virosomes is a stimulating area of research & development as it demonstrates targeted action by fusion with the target cell. Virosomes are vesicular particles reconstituted from viral envelopes which are non-replicating “artificial viruses” that denotes a unique system for presentation of antigen directly into the host cell. Trials have been created to use them as vaccines or adjuvants moreover as a delivery system for medicine, nucleic acids, or genes. Various attempts have been made to use them as vaccines or adjuvants as well as a delivery system for drugs, nucleic acids, or genes as they are biocompatible, biodegradable, non-toxic and non-autoimmunogenic. The production of vaccines increasingly moved away from living attenuated or inactivated whole organisms to safely killed organism. A virus that is safely killed can be a promising vector because it does not cause infection, and the viral structure allows the virosome to identify different components of its target cells. Pevion's virus-like particle (VLP) vaccine technology, called virosomes, and its architecture is specifically designed to produce safe and efficient vaccine subunits. Virosome-based vaccination is effective in reliable regulatory and safety records as well as the feasibility of upgrading production and has been approved in more than 40 countries, including infants and older people. The prospect of drug delivery and targeting using virosomes is a vital area of research and development. This review pinpoints the various aspect of virosome and will be a milestone for the researchers in the field of drug delivery.


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Sreeja C Nair, Sreelekshmi A S, Aslam Abdul Rahiman C A, Karthik Krishnan, Gopika G, Priyanka Nair T, & Unnithan Gauri Ajit. (2020). Virosomes: A groundbreaking revolution in novel drug delivery. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5809-5820.