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Cervical Radiculopathy (CR), a common cause due to nerve compression. CR occurs when one or more nerves are impaired. When the motor nerves are compressed, it causes pain in the arms. In the cervical radiculopathy, the problem occurs at the brachial plexuses; it also affects the cervical area of the spinal cord. However, the symptoms related to the cervical radiculopathy are radiated and expressed in arms. The treatment is available for cervical radiculopathy, but the medicine is not satisfactory. Hence, we prepared medicated oil with the help of some nerve nourishing herbs, and we used this oil through Ayurvedic medicated enema therapy (Matra basti) for the cervical radiculopathy. Enema of medicated oil (Matrabasti) was administered for 21 days. The treatment was also validated. The nerve conduction was taken as a tool and the changes observed were confirmed. The observed result showed the scale of pain reduced from 7.55 to 1.12 among the CR patients. Motor nerve conduction parameter like latency, amplitude and Conduction velocity was 6.46, 3.95, 47.07 ms in the cervical radiculopathy patients. With the treatment of the medicated oil enema, it was 6.75, 6.97 and 60.41 ms respectively, which is a phenomenal increase. We concluded that, in the pain scale, it reduced which was 85.16%. In this study of 21 days, the Conduction velocity parameters, which was used to assess patients, showed considerable improvement. This study attempts to ascertain cervical radiculopathy may be successfully managed through the medicated oil enema (Matrabasti).


Cervical radiculopathy (CR) Motor Nerve conduction velocity (MNCV) Ayurvedic medicated oil enema (Matrabasti) Pain

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Shweta Dadarao Parwe, Vaishali Vasantrao Kuchewar, Milind Abhimanyu Nisargandha, & Dhiraj Singh Rajput. (2020). Clinical evaluation of the effect of Ayurvedic oil enema therapy in the management of Cervical Radiculopathy. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5763-5767.