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Essential oils are secondary metabolites contains a complex mixture of with a diverse array of chemical structures, play a crucial role in the management of complex diseases like cancer via synergistic and antagonism effect. essential oil (YYEO) extracted from the flowers of Cananga is renowned forits fragrance, contained more than 150 essential components within it, and utilized in various diseases and cosmetics. Traditionally YYEO is being used as an aphrodisiac, , , antiseptic, in food and beverages as a fragrance agent. Due to the presence of a complex mixture of essential components in YYEO, we aimed the current study to assess the anticancer potential against Ehrlich Carcinoma (EAC) bearing mice. In antioxidant, growth, body weight, biochemical, , and serum estimation was evaluated with subsequent of the liver. 5- (5- FU) was used as a standard drug. YYEO showed potent antioxidant activity by DPPH assay. YYEO significantly reversed the , lymphocytes, WBC, and RBC numbers in the treated group compared with the disease control group. YYEO administration has restored the imbalanced levels of antioxidant such as MDA, GSH, and SOD activity. YYEO reversed the of the liver altered by the EAC in mice. In conclusion, a complex mixture of contained in YYEO could be the potent anticancer therapy in the future. Further studies are needed to identify the active principles and the mechanism involved in this activity.


Ylang Ylang Cananga odorata Ehrlich ascites carcinoma 5-Fluorouracil Anticancer

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Ajay P Malgi, Vijaykumar P Rasal, Vishal Shivalingappa Patil, Priyanka P Patil, Shamanad P Mallapur, Vrushabh B Hupparage, & Sathgowda A Patil. (2020). Anticancer activity of ylang-ylang essential oil in Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma cell-treated mice. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5752-5762.