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The word "Microsphere" denotes that micrometer in size but the main motto is to deliver the drug and it depends on the routes of administration. Topical delivery of microsphere is one of the most important to deliver the drug into the body. This method has a significant effect on its efficacy. Microsphere can work as a transporter for the drugs in a sustained control release manner. Whereas the topical gel can be used in any part of our body like eyes, vagina, rectum, etc. Microspheres are using as a coating material where the polymeric compounds are incorporate and after that, it is using as a gel for topical administration. Here we can tell the microsphere as a vehicle where it transports the polymers, drugs as well as especially it is transferring the surfactant, co-surfactants, etc as a result it can easy to penetrate our skin and give the proper therapeutic activity. As a result, the slow result in the proper therapeutic efficacy of various diseases can give the suggested a blooming need for a multidisciplinary proposal for the delivery to the target place. As a result, it clears the potential of the effectiveness of active pharmaceutical ingredients through the barrier of skin by the help of penetration property and vehicle technology of microsphere. In this review, some basic and primitive features of microspheres in the form of topical delivery has been discussed.


Microsphere sustained release controlled release topical delivery topical gel

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Mohanta Tanmay, & Sujit Das. (2020). A Review on Microsphere Based Topical Drug Delivery. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5741-5747.