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The effect of hypothyroidism on the respiratory system is proven in various studies. The study is aimed to compare Inspiratory muscle training and Aerobic training on lung functions, exercise capacity & cardiorespiratory fitness in females having hypothyroidism. This comparative study was executed on 66 subjects based on the criteria of the study, which were randomly divided into Group A & B. Subjects in Group A received Inspiratory Muscle Training. Still, subjects in Group B received Aerobic Training for four weeks. Spirometry assessed pulmonary functions, exercise capacity was evaluated by the 6-Minute Walk Test, and cardiorespiratory fitness was assessed by Step Harvard test. All measurements were taken at the baseline, on the last day of 2nd week and final day of 4th week. Independent t-test and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) were used to analyze the data. More significant improvement in terms of pulmonary functions, exercise capacity and Cardiorespiratory fitness was observed, in group B who received Aerobic training in contrast to group A that received Inspiratory muscle training. Results of this study showed Aerobic training to be more effective and beneficial in improving pulmonary functions, exercise capacity and cardiorespiratory fitness than Inspiratory Muscle Training.


Cardio training Cardio-respiratory fitness Exercise capacity Hypothyroidism Inspiratory muscle training Pulmonary function

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Apoorva Bhatnagar, Sonia Pawaria, & Sheetal Kalra. (2020). Inspiratory muscle training versus Aerobic training: Improvement on pulmonary function, exercise capacity and cardiorespiratory fitness in females with hypothyroidism. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5659-5664.