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Transdermal drug delivery system is one of the leading technology which gives extensive benefits compared to other dosage forms. In the case of drugs having a first-pass metabolism problem, small doses of drugs can be delivered. Oral drug delivery is associated with several problems like pain interrelated with the use of injections,needles, and the researchers mainly focus on the development of the transdermal route. The aim is to provide a rationale for improvement of the transdermal system of antipsychotics by highlighting the antipsychotic formulation and safely delivering medications across the skin.The present review emphasis on the latest advances in a transdermal delivery system which acts as a platform for effective transdermal delivery of antipsychotic. By using this technique, the pharmacotherapy of patients who have psychosis can be improved. There are numeral physical methods, and the skin penetration enhancement techniques have been developed that helps in delivering drugs through the skin.This technique helps to alter the barrier properties of skin and improves the penetration of the drug.It majorly highlights the possible role of microneedle in the transdermal system and acts as a different carrier in delivering several therapeutic agents effectively. This article summarizes thenovel transdermal delivery approaches, advantages, and the choice of antipsychotropic drugs.


Microneedle (MN) Psychotropic Penetration Enhancer Transdermal Delivery Strategies

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Akash Tekawade, & Tanaji Nandgude. (2020). Transdermal drug delivery an emerging approach for antipsychotics. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5615-5625.