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Complete removal of infection, rendering root canal free of an organism is the prime aim of endodontic treatment. It cannot be achieved alone by biomechanical preparation due to the complexity of root canal treatment. Therefore the use of intracanal medicament is a must. The antibiotic paste is frequently used intracanal medicament, usually in regenerative cases. Hence the aim of the is to compare different irrigation technique for removal of double antibiotic paste from root canal through a stereomicroscope. 36 single-rooted were standardized to root length of 12mm then instrumented by Protaper rotary file up to size F4. Irrigation was done using sodium hypochlorite in between instrument change. The root canal was dried using paper point and filled by DAP and then randomly allocated to 3 groups(n=12) according to irrigation system used: conventional syringe irrigation (CSI), Passive ultrasonic irrigation(PUI), EndoVac (EV). Roots were then longitudinally sectioned using the diamond disk and studied under a stereomicroscope using a scoring scale. Data were evaluated using one way ANOVA and Tukey test. Among all experimental group CSI was least efficient. PUI and EV showed greater efficiency but no significant difference between PUI and EV, but a significant difference between CSI and PUI, EV (p< 0.05). Use of irrigation activation system results in efficient removal of DAP compared to CSI.


Double antibiotic paste Passive ultrasonic irrigation EndoVac Conventional syringe irrigation

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Samrudhi Khatod, Anuja Ikhar, Pradnya Nikhade, Manoj Chandak, Kaustubh Khatod, Akshay Jaiswal, Madhulika Chandak, Chanchal Rathi, & Nidhi Motwani. (2020). Comparative Evaluation of Different Irrigation Techniques with Conventional Irrigation Technique for the Removal of Double Antibiotic Paste from Root Canal-An in vitro study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5578-5583.