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Nail tic disorder is one such disorder which has been reported in the nineteenth century. Nail tic disorder is a body focused repetitive behavior. Nail tic disorders are developed by individuals to cope up the stress and anxiety level. Nail tic disorder are effectively treated with the help of multiple aids like psychological methods, pharmacological methods. A cross sectional online survey was conducted between dentist and genital students with a self prepared questionnaire and the knowledge and awareness level among the participants about nail tic disorder was analyzed using online platform survey monkey. It is evident from the study conducted that most of the people develop this habit from childhood and it is practiced to cope up with stress levels and it is clear that most of them are aware about the consequences and treatment modalities of this disorder. Nail tic disorder is a example for overlap between dermatology and psychiatry. It is one of the problems that everyone practices in their life time but yet it is a poor studied topic and it is rarely understood.


Nail tic disorder onychotillomania nail bitting habit

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Mohamed Arsath N, & Gayatri Devi R. (2020). Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Towards On Nail Tic Disorders. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5569-5572.