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Pregnancy is considered as a very precious event in every women`s life. It is filled with happiness, joy and surprises. Every parents hopes for a healthy baby, but may sometimes become sorrowful when danger sets in either to the mother or to the fetus. Pregnancy links mother and fetus together and is the basis for regeneration and the generation. In high-risk pregnancies, the mother may sometimes escape death but fetus and neonates often become the victim so the present study aims to assess the effectiveness of DFMC chart and Cardiff count ten charts on mother’s perception among antenatal mothers. A quantitative approach with Pre-Experimental research one-shot case design was adopted to conduct the study among 30 antenatal mothers who were selected by Non- probability convenience sampling technique. The semi-structured interview method was used to collect the demographic data and the level of the mother's perception among antenatal mothers was assessed by a structured questionnaire. The results of the study shows that among 30 samples in the DFMC group, 9(60%) had good perception 5(33.33%) had very good perception and 1(6.7%) had poor perception. Whereas in the Cardiff Ten Count, 10(66.7%) had good perception and 5(33.33%) had very good perception on fetal movement among antenatal mothers. This study proves that DFMC and CARDIFF chart on mother’s perception is an effective method to prevent any fetal complication during pregnancy and also it helps the mothers to improve to the knowledge and to provide the better quality of life to maternal.


DFMC CARDIFF TEN COUNT charts antenatal and mother’s perception

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Jagadeeswari J, & Prasanth K. (2020). Effectiveness of DFMC chart versus Caardiff Ten Count chart on mother’s perception among antenatal mothers. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5496-5500.