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Ozone therapy is known to be the current successful method of dialysis which is first taken up in Germany. Medical oxygen known to be an ataxic generator is used to generate medical ozone, ensuring the inert contact of all the materials related to ozone. Surprisingly this useful and effective therapy is not recognised in our country like India but is widely accepted and practised in the countries like South America, Europe, Russia, Thailand, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Cuba, etc.; since over 70 years it is used as a successful method of treating various illnesses; like used to halt the progression of diabetes, Kidney diseases, detoxification of the body, coronary artery disease, etc.; Ozone is prepared freshly "on-site" just before starting the session, as it should be administrated immediately after its generation. They should be accurate, reliable and should project the ozone concentration (1-80μg/ml) as reproducible measurements by using a suitable device. Ozone Therapy has learnt to be an effective therapy for ESRD patients irrespective of the stages of disease dealt. The importance and the applications of Ozone therapy in the current medical field are discussed and emphasised in the present review. This review may help the researchers in planning further research to improvise the therapy or to sophisticate the method of implementation, and it also helps in delivering details of the therapy for better understanding of the medical practitioners.


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Kavitha D, Jeyalakshmi S, Sridevy S, & Baby Caroline. (2020). Current Trends Of ESRD Patients with Ozonedialysis: Ozone “The Wonder Therapy” For Dialysis. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5310-5314.