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Protruded chin posture is one of the commonly seen postural problem associated with patients having chronic neck pain. It is also known by names Forward Head Posture (FHP) or anteriorly translated head posture. The FHP causes an alteration in mechanics of rib cage which leads to a reduction in mobility of thorax and abdomen, decreased movement of the diaphragm, reduced ventilatory effectiveness of diaphragm and reduced efficacy of abdominals and intercostals muscles during respiration. Therefore this study was executed to check the effectiveness of deep cervical flexor exercises on Craniovertebral angle and pulmonary functions. It was a comparative experimental study design. Based on the study's selection criteria, the total numbers of 100 subjects were taken and divided into Experimental and Control groups. In-depth Cervical flexor training with the conventional Physiotherapy was given to subjects of the experimental group. Control group subjects received only Conventional Physiotherapy for six weeks. The baseline measurement was taken on day one of the studies. The digital camera assessed the Forward head posture by measuring Craniovertebral Angle (CVA). Spirometry determined pulmonary functions (FEV1& FVC). All measurements were repeated at the end of the 6th week. The baseline measurement and measurement at the end of 6th week were compared by using the t-test. Considerable improvement in Craniovertebral angle and functional status of the lung, resulted in subjects who were given in-depth cervical flexor training along with the conventional Physiotherapy treatment (p< 0.05). Therefore it is suggested that deep cervical flexor exercises improve the head posture and also correct the biomechanics of respiratory muscles. Deep neck flexor training can be considered as an efficient technique in lessening protruded chin posture.


Deep neck flexor training faulty mechanics Craniovertebral angle Forward Head Posture FVC Pulmonary functions

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Sonia Pawaria, & Sheetal Kalra. (2020). Effect of Deep Cervical Flexor training on Respiratory Functions in Chronic Neck Pain patients with Forward Head Posture. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5287-5292.