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Bread is an affordable staple food available world wide. People demand for the high quality breads for consumption.Bread is considered to be a daily diet food for most of the people around the world. Foods with reduced glycemic index shows less risk of some chronic diseases like diabets and stroke. Senna auriculata a plant compound which is a potential inhibitor of diabetes. Low concentration possessed high radical scavenging activity, 90% of radicals were scavenged at lower concentrations. It further proved to have the anti-hemolytic effect. The extract inhibits the alpha amylase and alpha glycosidase activity. The bread contains large amount of digestible starch which leads to glycemic index. The foods with higher glycemic index leads to type 2 diabetes mellitus. Incorporation of Senna auriculata in bread is the effective method to produce low glycemic index foods. This study was aimed to evaluate digestability of starch and glycemic index in bread through the incorporating Senna auriculata as fortified bread sample. At 60 mins of dialysate, the concentration of resistant starch of bread sample with Senna Auriculata exhibited to be low when compared with the control. The Senna auriculata fortified bread sample is compared with the control which the regular bread based on their crust, colour, symmetry, texure, eating quality, and overall quality of the bread. Bread with 6% of extract was sensory evaluated. Bioactive components like phenolic, flavonoid found to be retained in fortified bread sample. Based on the biofunctional properties developed the evaluation is analysed at the retention time of the process. The sample has higher resistant starch and lower glycemic index. This overall invitro findings gives us a promising result that due to the lower glycemic effect the Senna auriculata fortified bread sample is situable and recommended for diabetes patients.


Senna auriculata fortified bread sample Antioxidant Bioactive compounds Glycemic index Starch resistant

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Gomathi Kannayiram, Antony Xavier Bronson F, Arun Kumar J, Sandhya A, Gayathri S, & Emiyal D. (2020). An Invitro Study on Predicted Glycemic Index and Bioactive Component of Fortified - Bread Using Senna Auriculata. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5248-5258.