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Surgical site infection (SSI) is the second most normal irresistible inconvenience after urinary tract disease following cesarean section (CS). Surgical site infection after a cesarean area is related with expanded maternal horribleness, delayed emergency clinic remain and expanded clinical expenses. The hazard for creating SSI has noteworthily diminished over the three decades, fundamentally inferable from progress in cleanliness condition anti-infection prophylaxis, sterile methodology and other practice. Despite this decrease, the occurrence of surgical site infection is expected in the continuous rise in the incidence of cesarean delivery. A quantitative approach with descriptive study design was chosen to assess the risk factor of surgical site infection among mothers who underwent cesarean section at Saveetha Medical College Hospital. Sixty mothers who fulfil inclusive criteria were selected by purposive sampling technique. Sociodemographic variables were collected by semi-structured questionnaire, and the risk factors were assessed by surgical site assessment scale. The result of the study shows that 22(36.6%) of the mothers were obese, 34 (56.6%) were anaemia, 22 (36.6%) had hypertension, 7 (11.6%) had diabetes mellitus,37 (61.6%) were prolonged hospitalized, 9(15%) of study subject had previous surgery and 18 (30%) of study subject had emergency surgery. The surgical site assessment scale reveals that 31(51.6%) comes under the no-risk category,29(48.3 %) comes under the risk among preoperative mothers, and 22(36.6%) comes under no risk, 38 (63.3 %) comes under risk among post-operative mothers who underwent cesarean section. Thus the factors such as anaemia, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, prolonged hospital stay, previous surgery, and emergency surgery increase the risk for surgical site infection among mothers who underwent cesarean section.


Assess Cesarean Section Risk Factors Surgical Site Infection

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Parimala L, & Prathiba P. (2020). A study to assess the risk factors of surgical site infection among mother underwent cesarean section. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5234-5237.