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Quercetin has been extracted from Ammi majus plant using ethanol via soxhlet system. Further, the substance was diagnosed by three binary and mono-layered chromatographical devices beside chronographical quantitative separation. Total of 45 patients was inflicted with mouth infections and urinary tract in both genders. The momentary vaginal infections among different ages of people settled in different regions of Nineveh district / Iraq were considered for the study. The study patients were identified using microscopic testing, selective differential medium (CHROM candida agar) and Vitek system. The isolation results inferred that the mouth infection is caused by most yeasts such as Candida parapsilosis (the most frequent),. The urinary tract infection is concerned, and most of the infections were reportedly caused by C. parapsilosis, C. tropicalis and C. albicans. with regards to the vaginal infections cases, C. albicans fungus has been the most frequent. Bio chemical tests were conducted using Vitek for the isolants studied, in which there were differences in the study results. Quercetin was extracted from Candid spp. The increase in the inhibition of quercetin is noted, whenever its concentration is increased. With regards to the anti-fungals Nystantin, for the concentration of 100IU/ml.and Clotrimazole 30mg/ml had inhibited the yeast Candid spp.


Candida spp Quercetin Ammi majus Inhibition Antifungal Vaginal infection Urinary tract infection

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Shifaa T. J. AL-Assaf, Maha A. Al-Rejaboo, & Ayad-C.AL-.Daody. (2020). Assessing the impact of quercetin isolated from Ammi majus seeds upon Candida spp. isolants isolated from different sources. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5141-5149.