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Majority women attain menopause without having adequate knowledge and approaches to cope with the menopausal changes. So, they face many physical and psychological disorders during their menopause. Awareness, positive attitude and healthy practice towards menopause can help women to reduce their menopausal symptoms. Women who are had menopause more than 12 months were included in the study. In this study, 80.8% women had poor knowledge and 73.1% women having positive attitude towards menopause. But none of the participants reported healthy practices in their menopause. 44.2% women had knowledge that postmenopausal bleeding was abnormal, 36.5% women said that menopause is associated with many chronic diseases and 32.7% said that menstruation does not stop suddenly at the time of menopause. In our study 90.4% of participants positively accepted their menopause. Knowledge score was significantly associated with age and education. The perceived poor knowledge and practice towards menopause require more efforts for creating mass awareness about this issue.


KAP study Menopausal symptoms Climacteric stage

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Saswatika Beura, Lipilekha Patnaik, Manisha Sahoo, & Sumitra Pattanaik. (2020). Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practices towards menopause among postmenopausal women - A Cross-sectional study. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5134-5140.