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The main of our study is to determine the prescription pattern and perform cost analysis of the patients who were visiting the cardiology department of the hospital. Anti hypertensive drugs has vast classification and most of the studies suggest that cardiovascular events are one among the most leading contributor to global patients in regards to mortality and morbidity. Cardiovascular events are also considered as silent killer because its symptoms are unpredictable. should be prescribed properly. So we have undergone a prospective observational study which shows mean age of 60.13 + 9.22. We found that there is much difference in gender for exposure of cardiovascular events. We observed dual therapy was effective in management for . We found total average of direct medical cost was Rs.5641.12 and indirect medical cost was Rs.677.27. The patients prescription was and documented to know the level of and compliance with guidelines. The economic burden experienced by the patients were to know the rational use of drugs and to lay a way for further research related to economics.


cost analysis prescription pattern treatment Anti hypertensive economic burden

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Shaik Faizan Ali, Mahaveer Singh, Birendra Shrivastava, & Konda Ravi Kumar. (2020). Current prescription status of anti hypertensives in cardiology. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5121-5133.