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The study aims to compare the scores of dominance and non-dominance in developing children that are important in clinical practice. The capacity to perform complex muscle and nerve acts that produce development; fine engine aptitudes are little developments; net engine abilities are enormous developments. An observational quantitative study was conducted to establish the new developmental norms for children on the Box and Block Test. This study included 400 volunteers’ 221(55.25%) males and 179(44.75%) females with the age of 6 to10 years. The signed parental consent before participation was obtained in this study. Out of 400 total populations, the male’s right dominance is 20(93.6%) is a difference from left dominance 14(6.4%). The female right dominance is 171(95.5%) is more than that of male dominance and used to compare the left dominance 8(4.5%). The Block and Test Box are easy, simple, and suitable for children. This test aids the therapists to evaluate the efficacy of the interventions tailored to improve manual dexterity. These kids may profit essentially from early mediation focusing on the improvement of handwork.


Box and Block Test (BBT) Manual Dexterity developmental coordination disorder (DCD) Functional Laterality right dominance left dominance and motor Skills cerebral palsy (CP)

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Christopher Amalraj Vallaba Doss, Palanivel R M, Syed Mohamed Sadath, & Muhil Sakthivel. (2020). A Study on Norm Scores-Box and Block Test for Children Age with 6-10 Years Among Indian Population. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5113-5120.

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