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Millet mix was prepared for its traditional values. The prepared sample was analyzed for its chemical and nutritional value, and by using the cost-efficient method, the nutritional content of the final product was enhanced. The improved sample was checked for its nutritional content. The objective is to make a comparison between standard and enhanced samples. ingredients were prepared in a powdered form of a sample in four different ratios. The standardized ratio of the ingredients used to make the samples were found by using tests. In the standardized ratio normal (S1) and nutrition enhanced (S2) samples were prepared using the three ingredients. For nutrition enhancement, the method of sprouting was used. Various tests were conducted for the standardized sample to verify its nutritional content, commercializing ability, microbial analysis, analysis etc. The nutritional content Analysis of the normal and nutrition enhanced samples (S1) and (S2) was done. The sample (S2) was nutritionally rich when compared to the normal sample (S1). All other test had more or less coinciding results for both the samples (S1) and (S2). By comparing the nutritional content, a conclusion arrives that the sample (S2is nutritionally rich when compared to (S1). Microbial and Physical properties results show that the product is efficient to be commercialized and stored to a specific period without microbial contamination in powdered form. The nutrient-rich mass is suitable for all age group.


Millet mix Organoleptic test Nutritional content Microbial analysis Phytochemical analysis Enhancing nutritional value Cost-efficient

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Caroline Jeba R, Priyanka S, & Priyanka M. (2020). Production and Nutritional Quality of Traditional Indian Millet Mixture of Rice, Pearl Millet and Urad Dal. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5076-5081.