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Arthritis is a widespread disorder that occurs in elderly patients currently in the world. It is one of those disorders that affect the joints and is classified as an inflammatory disorder that is a result of immune system malfunctioning. Taking into consideration the side effects of immune suppressants that are used to treat arthritis; generally, plants are being investigated for the chemical constituents to treat the diseases. It is proved that moieties obtained from herbal sources are relatively safer and potent too. The economical methods of treating illness are using plants, and so the herbs are investigated for the treatment of arthritis. ., is one of the members of grass family which is grown wildly in tropical countries all around the world. It usually grows like a weed and can be employed for many pharmacological problems. Traditional claims are there to treat DM, Rheumatism and . Chemical constituents like , and have been isolated from the plant earlier. was selected as a subject to investigate its anti-arthritis potential in using experimental animals following the folklore claims that the plant can be used to treat arthritis. It may be due to the presence of and chemical constituents in the plant. The exact mechanism of action is to be established and the extracts in this current study showed a significantly comparable activity with that of the standard drug .


C. parageuansis arthritis Indomethacin

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Somasundaram G, Jaikumar S, & Balaji subramaniyan R. (2020). Investigation of Arthritis Suppressing Potency of Chloris Paraguaiensis on Freund’s Adjuvant Induced Arthritis in Rats. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5047-5050.