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Twenty-five soil samples were collected from Hilla city. (10) Actinomyctes isolates were isolated. Five Streptomyces spp. Late was diagnosed. Isolates positive for a gram and having grey Aerial Mycelium and yellow-green Substrate mycelium on yeast-malt extract medium. All Streptomyces spp. olates d for nanoparticles production. Streptomyces spp.2 was able for producing of omyces spp.2 was, grey aerial, yellow-green substrate mycelium, unable for in producing, having the ability for using glucose, sucrose, mannitol, negative for fructose and mannose, negative for indole, and vogas Proskauer, positive for methyl red test and citrate utilization, negative for catalase and urea test. UV spectrum for ZnO particles showed maximum absorption at 418 nm. FT-IR spectrum for ZnO nanoparticles represented absorption peak at 3425.58 cm-1 is O-H group, 2360.87 cm-1 is CΞC , 1678.07 cm-1 is C=O group, 1388.75 cm-1 is C-H group,1089,78 cm-1 is C-O bending, 1006.84 cm-1 is C-O stretching,615.36 cm-1 is C-H, and 545.86 cm-1 is C-cl stretching. SEM shows the ability of Streptomyces spp.2 for spherical ZnO nanoparticles synthesizing with size (78.96) nm. Streptomyces spp.2 ZnO nanoparticles were having a great effect on E.coli, with inhibition zone (20 mm) and (15,18) mm against S.aureus, Klebsiella pneumonia.


Streptomyces Metal nanoparticles Production Characterization

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Samer M. Al-Hulu. (2020). Antibacterial activity of Metal nanoparticles produced by Streptomyces spp. Isolated from soil samples. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(4), 5042-5046.