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To determine the performance of the clinical nurse educators in the clinical setting. A descriptive design was used to achieve the objective of the study was carried out on 44 CNEs in a clinical teaching setting. Clinical Nurse Educators' Performance Evaluation Tool was used to collect the data. It measures four main Domains named duty to scholar learning, professional knowledge, showing practice, authority and clinical surroundings. Each domain is composed of specific skills that indicate the CNEs competencies. The total score more than 90% indicate that Performance exceeds the expectations for the set of competencies, from less than 90% to 75% indicate that performance meets the expectations for the set of competencies, from less than 75% to 50% indicate that performance does not always meet all the expectations for the set of competencies, performance should be improved and less than 50% indicate that performance does not meet expectations for the set of competencies and performance must be improved. CNEs had an acceptable level of the four performance domains (commitment to students, professional knowledge, teaching practice in the clinical areas and leadership and community) in a clinical setting. CNEs thought to go to preparing programs, workshops, and conferences regarding propelled ideas over clinical educating will improve their showing aptitudes "around continually on attendant clinical teachers also preceptors on faculties about nursing.


Clinical nurse Performance Evaluation Tool Teaching practice Clinical setting

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