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Atomic force microscopy has established the changes of mechanical properties of lymphocytes' membranes from patients with acute and chronic lymphoblastic leukaemia. The stiffness of cell membrane was increased under influence chemotherapy along with the ultrastructural organisation of the lymphocyte's surface was different between patients with acute and chronic leukaemia. In the blood of patients with acute leukaemia were circulated two types of lymphocytes with small and large spherical globules on the surface, respectively. The lymphocytes from patients with chronic lymphoblastic leukaemia carried on their surface the large structures of irregular shape. Significant differences in the structural properties of lymphocyte's surface in patients with acute and chronic lymphoblastic leukaemia point at differences cell response to the action of chemotherapy drugs.


Cell membrane Lymphocyte Ultrastructure of plas-malemma Mechanical properties of lymphocytes Atomic force microscopy

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Еvgenia А. Sladkova, Elena A. Shamray, Nina I. Zhernakova, Marina Yu. Skorkina, & Tatiana S. Tikunova. (2018). The changes of ultrastructure and mechanical properties of lymphocytes’ plasmalemma under the influence of chemotherapy. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(3). Retrieved from