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Polycystic ovarian disease is poly cysts present in the state of enlarged ovaries. It is a hormonal imbalance disease which alters the insulin status and these poly cysts can cause local inflammation which in-turn results in increase of CRP to infertility and other problems in female age group of 20-35 years. 30 PCOS patients and 30 healthy individuals from the OPD of Saveetha Dental College and hospital were collected and the serum samples were analyzed for their hormonal status by using kit method in Robonik Elisa reader. There is a significant increase in Insulin (p<0.005) and CRP (p<0.001) as well as there is an increase in fasting blood sugar (FBS) and insulin resistance (IR) by the influence of PCOS on other metabolisms. Our findings suggest that prolonged or highly hormonal imbalance in PCOS can cause problems like diabetes mellitus (DM) by increasing the levels of IR and by triggering the inflammation pathway.


PCOS Insulin IR Inflammation CRP Hyperinsulinemia

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Sagana M, Ashok Vardhan N, & Savitha G. (2018). Insulin status in polycystic ovaries syndrome in relation with inflammation. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(3). Retrieved from

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