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Epilepsy and convulsions constitute a significant class of symptoms that are commonly seen in many neurological diseases. It is understood that there is an apparent alteration in the levels of the enzymes which present brain during epilepsy. Anti-oxidant drugs are known to elevate the protective enzyme levels in the body and restore them to ensure the proper functioning is done. But when the enzyme levels are not managed properly, they can cause further damage and deterioration of the tissue. Basella alba is one of such drugs, which is rich in anti-oxidant chemical constituents. Many researchers concluded that many components like vitamin A, C and flavonoids, polyphenols are being reported. In the study, Basella alba was investigated for effect on an anti-oxidant enzyme in the brain. The extracts showed a better activity and prevented the brain tissue damage from any oxidative free radical generation. The enzyme levels were healthy at the dose of 400mg/kg of extract.


Basella alba Anti-oxidant Invivo peroxidases

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Asokan B.R., Jaikumar S, & Somasundaram G. (2020). Evaluation of Anticonvulsant and Anti-oxidant Potentials of Basella Alba by Influencing the Brain Enzyme Levels in Laboratory Animals. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 5031-5034.