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Oral submucous pathology (OSMF) may be an illness defined by juxta animal tissue pathology of the oral fissure. It’s related to formation of vesicles, followed by fibro elastic amendment of the plate propria associated animal tissue atrophy that results in stiffness of the oral mucous membrane and causes truisms and an inability to eat. 30 OSMF patients and 30 healthy people from the OP of Saveetha Dental school. liquid body substance samples were analyzed for the parameters standing by victimization kit technique in autoanalyzer. There’s a major decrease in total cholesterin (p<0.05), triglycerides (p<0.07), high density lipoproteins (p<0.05), low density lipoproteins (p<0.05) and very low density lipoproteins (p<0.09) by the influence of OSMF on food intake. Our findings suggest that prolonged or highly affected OSMF patients can cause hypolipidemia and other problems related to nutritional imbalance.


OSMF Triglycerides Good cholesterol Lipid profile Cholesterol

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Angel Fastina Mary, Ashok Vardhan N, & Savitha G. (2018). Assessment of lipid profile status in oral sub mucosa fibrosis patients . International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(3). Retrieved from

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