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Mosher said that intranasal ethmoidectomy is the most dangerous and terrifying. He said that in the mid-twentieth century. Endoscopy changed this view significantly. Since the commencement of medication, various endeavours have been made to light up and analyse within the different empty depressions situated inside the body.A hospital-based comparative and correlative study was undertaken with 50 patients. The research assessed the clinicoradiological comparison of obstructive ostiomeatal complex in cases of rhinosinusitis. Majority (28%) patients were 31-40 years in the age group. The 34.2±12.50 years was the mean age of patients.60% patients were males. The most common symptoms were nasal obstruction (80%) followed by headache (76%), nasal discharge (42%), postnasal discharge (40%), sneezing (28%) and epistaxis (20%). Osteomeatal complex and maxillary sinus were the most frequently affected regions seen in 88% of patients. The most common sign is purulent middle meatal discharge in 86% of patients. The next most common sign seen is deviated nasal septum in 46% of the patients. 62% of the patients in our study suffered from chronic rhinosinusitis. Out of 50 cases, 33 cases have septal deviation using DNE. Uncinate attachment to the skull base is seen in 18 (36%) cases each on the right, and 17 (34%) left side in both DNE and CT. In DNE 7 (14%) cases show middle turbinate hypertrophy on the right side.There was statistically significant correlation between Middle turbinate: concha bullosa and Maxillary sinus (r=0.621; p=0.0005), Pneumatiseduncinate and Anterior ethmoids (r=0.452; p=0.0001), Aggernasi and Frontal sinus (r=0.318; p=0.024) and Middle turbinate: paradoxical and Maxillary sinus (r=0.864; p=0.0001). The significance of variations is that they impair the normal drainage pathway, hinder endoscopic access to distal areas and increase the risk of endoscopic mishaps.


Clinicoradiological Obstructive Osteomeatal Rhinosinusitis

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Nikhil K. Vala, & Abhay D. Havle. (2020). Clinicoradiological Comparative Study of Obstructive Osteomeatal Complexin Cases of Rhinosinusitis. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 11(3), 5015-5021.