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For centuries, it has been a practice to consume overnight soaked rice in many South Indian families. Having known the health benefits of the soaked rice, the habit of consuming as a breakfast continued for generations. Due to globalization and increased affordability, this has been replaced with hot breakfast and consumption of overnight soaked boiled rice was left behind. Soaked rice is rich in B6, B12 vitamins and is a source of beneficial bacteria which helps in digestion and boosts immunity. The given samples of normal cooked rice and overnight soaked cooked rice are tested for carbohydrate, crude protein, fat/oil and fibre content. The rice which was overnight soaked cooked rice was found to have more nutrient content than unsoaked cooked rice. There is an increase in energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate, fibre content and minerals. Eating fermented rice for breakfast was an old custom among the farmers. It has been proved that overnight soaked cooked rice acts as a healthy breakfast and would play an important role in the health of today's young generation.


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Neha Sharma M, Gayathri R, & Vishnu Priya V. (2018). Assessment of nutritional value of overnight soaked cooked rice over un-soaked cooked rice. International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9(3). Retrieved from

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